Choosing A MUD Client

If you have read my first two posts, you may be getting curious about these MUD games I have been talking about, and wondering how you can try one.  The first thing you will need is a MUD client.  A MUD client is a program you can use to connect to and play any MUD.  Many MUDs also have browser based clients that allow you to play without downloading any software.  I personally still prefer to have my own stand alone client that allows me to have access to the specific features that I use the most.

I personally play MUDs on three different platforms; Windows, Linux, and Android.  For Windows, I use MUSHclient.  MUSHclient is open source and free to use, includes many advanced features, and can be extended using Lua scripting   For Linux, I use Mudlet.  Mudlet offers similar features to MUSHclient, but runs on linux without using WINE.  For Android, I use Blowtorch.  Blowtorch is the best MUD client I have found for Android so far, but it can be a bit buggy, and crashes from time to time.

The two features I use the most in my MUD clients are the built in spell check function, and command histories.  In MUSHclient, for example, I can press Ctrl+J, and spell check anything on my command line before I enter it.  This is very important in MUDs since the whole game is in text, and players need to be able to communicate clearly.  This is also useful when building in MUDs, so you can spell check all your room descriptions.  Command histories allow me to scroll through my most recent commands, so I don’t have to retype things every time I use them.

There are a lot more things you can do with a MUD client, but this is really about all I use.  I don’t even use triggers and aliases, which are two of the most popular MUD client features, because I prefer a slower paced style of play, which really doesn’t require those types of features.

There are tons of other options when it comes to MUD clients.  If you have any other suggestions you would like to add, please share them here in your comments!



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  7. Ristowe

    Mudlet is a fantastic Linux client, I’ve just recently started experimenting with the full potential of it on a Mac. I’ve heard great things about MUSHClient, but have always been a big fan of RoAClient for Windows. It’s no longer around, but I still use it for nostalgia (and can still find a download if I try). If you feel like trying it out, I’ve written a pretty simple RoAClient pro guide to really utilize the full potential of it (even the non-trigger and non-alias features, like statlets, highlights, and gags).

    If you feel like experimenting, I’ve started building a pretty decent list of MUD Clients, and would love suggestions for more to add (Blowtorch is a new one, and is next up on my list).

    Drop me a line when you go live with Sword & Pen, I’d love to log on and give it a try!

  8. swordnpen

    Thanks for letting me know about RoAClient. I have been checking out your RoAClient pro guide, and will be downloading it from CNET to check it out. As far as Sword & Pen MUD goes, it is still very much a work in progress. I have the MUD up and running at, port 5555 right now, but it is just stock areas at the moment. I am still working on my own areas. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress.

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