I’m taking some time today to play on the tbaMUD test port on tbaMUD.com:4000.  As far as I can tell, this port doesn’t get a whole lot of action.  There is never anyone on the “who” list when I log in.  A while back, Rumble, the head of tbaMUD, posted a note on the tbaMUD forums asking for people to poke around on the test port and look for bugs and typos and such.  I thought it would be fun to take a character in each of tbaMUD’s four stock classes through all 30 mortal levels on this test port, and while doing so, report any bugs or typos in order to help Rumble and the rest of the tbaMUD staff.  After I am done doing this, I will resume working on my area on the builder’s port, if Rumble hasn’t deleted my area yet.

I would eventually like to make my own MUD, but I need to hone my skills as a builder first, and then learn how to code in C.  The builder’s academy is the best place I found so far to help me reach those goals. If you have ever wanted to be a builder on a MUD, but don’t know where to get started, I highly recommend tbaMUD.com.  The community there is very active and friendly, and there are plenty of folks there that will be eager to answer your questions.

I started making an area called “Deepmeadow” a while back on tbaMUD, but I sort of ran out of steam, and didn’t get anywhere with it yet.  I would still like to build that area though, but I may make some changes to my original idea, with the guidance and advice of the rest of the tbaMUD community.  It is supposed to be a starter town for new players, with shops for basic supplies, and a couple quests to help introduce players to the story of the area.  It was originally supposed to be part of a larger world I was building, but I have decided to make it a stand alone area that can be plugged into any MUD.

If I do get My own MUD up and running at some point, I will definitely still stay plugged into the tbaMUD community, because they are always friendly and willing to provide help and support.  I will probably still use tbaMUD as a build port, because there are always at least a couple people logged on to their build port that I can talk to.  Building a new MUD can be a lonely experience, with no other builders or players logged on, so tbaMUD will help me fight boredom and loneliness, weather I am working on areas for my own MUD, or others.



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