New Worlds Ateraan

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The Mud Connector’s logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my last post, I talked about finding a roleplaying enforced MUD to play on, in order to get a better  idea how to build my own roleplaying enforced MUD. After spending a few minutes browsing through some random MUD picks on The MUD Connector, I stumbled across New Worlds Ateraan.  I was already familiar with this MUD from having chatted with it’s implemented on Top MUD Sites’ forums, so when it came up as a random MUD pick, I decided to check it out.

Yesterday I only spent enough time on the MUD to create a character  and go through the tutorial, which  thankfully, wasn’t too long.  For someone such as myself who has already played a lot of MUDs, it can be inconvenient to be subjected to a lengthy tutorial, unless I am learning new information specific to that MUD, and not just general MUD commands, that are similar across most MUDs.

At the end of my tutorial, I was given the opportunity to take a tour, guided by an actual live person.  I found this to be a very nice touch.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t have enough time to wait for a tour guide, before  I had to log, but I am going to log back in tonight, and see if I can’t get that tour.  If you currently play or have played New Worlds in the past, leave me a comment.  Let me know what you thought of it, and give me some tips to help get me started.



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  5. Charlie C.

    I am a long time player of the game. I would love to read more of your opinion. If you have any question I am happy to answer those that i can.

  6. swordnpen

    I haven’t played much on Ateraan since I posted this, because I have been working on my own MUD, but your comment inspired me to log back on today. I couldn’t remember the name of the character I had started, so I made a new one called Therath. I finally got my guided tour, did some fishing, planted some things in the park, and met a couple people. All in all, I had a pretty good time today. Next time I log in I’m probably going to visit the library for a while.

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