A screenshot from Genocide showing its War Complex

A screenshot from Genocide showing its War Complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently came up with a cool mythos for my own MUD.  It’s nothing to complicated, just three short paragraphs that briefly describe the world the players will be living in.  This is just a jumping off point, so that now, as I start to build areas, I have a context in which to build them. Here is what I came up with:

More than 300 years have passed since the fall of the Olde Empire. The
mighty Imperial Legions that once protected the known world, and the
imperial culture of peace, enlightenment, and prosperity are but a
distant memory. Without the benevolent hand of the empire, this once
proud civilization has slid into ignorance and chaos.

Savage hordes of goblinkind, and their cruel, strange masters threaten
from the south. The barbarian clans in the north, once stalwart allies,
now fight, brother against brother. The dark shadow of necromancy
rises in the east. Only the Tullin yet remains, a last bastion of hope
against the encroaching darkness.

Tullin, the great western isle, home to a loose confederation of
fiefdoms, is separated from the Olde Imperial mainland only by a
narrow sea, Kasz Gu’den, in the Tullin tribal tongue, meaning The Sea
of Black Tears. This is a land in dire need of heroes. Who will save
us from these dark times?

Now, my next task is to take this story and expand upon it by building areas that fit into the world I just described, and coming up with ways to tell this story through the medium of MUD gaming, in things like room descriptions, NPC dialog, and quests that advance the storyline.  I will initially be focusing on Sea Meadows, a Tullin coastal village on the Kasz Gu’den.  This will be the starting area for new characters, and it is here that they must be introduced to the story that is beginning to unfold.



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