Combat was simple turn-based point and click f...

Combat was simple turn-based point and click fare, typical of many graphical RPG’s of its time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do I always ignore good advice?  Since I started working on my MUD, I have read in every MUD forum and every piece of codebase documentation I have ever looked at about planning out areas on graph paper before I actually start building them, and yet, I have studiously ignored this advice, because I am always so impatient when it comes to building MUD areas.  Unfortunately, I am now starting to see that I have a much harder time building my areas without a written plan.  So tonight I am assigning myself a homework assignment.  Tonight, I am going to sit down at my desk with my notebook, and my pencil, and draw a map of my new area Sea Meadows.

I originally was going to give Sea Meadows a small village feel, but now I am leaning more towards making it a small city.  It needs to include some kind of central square, which will serve as the primary recall room for this MUD, as well as a variety of shops and guilds.  It should also have at least a couple of quests geared towards low level groups.

I don’t want to get too hung up on all the minutia of this area just yet.  Fussing over all the details tends to derail me from the bigger picture, and hinder me from making progress.  For now, my job is just to come up with a least of a bare minimum of rooms this area will need, and then start putting those rooms on a map.




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