Aardwolf and MUSHclient

A screenshot of one of the many different init...

A screenshot of one of the many different initial login screens for 3K, as seen in MUSHclient (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I actually got all of my work done early today, so I figure I can take this opportunity to relax and play some Aardwolf.  I think what I like the most about their game so far is their custom version of MUSHclient.  I especially love that it has a fully clickable map.  I love playing text games, but the clickable map realy helps me visualize where I am at, and makes navigation much easier.  My biggest challenge when I first started playing MUDs almost 20 years ago was just figuring out where I was at, and how to get to where I wanted to go.  I still have this problem in some MUDs, since I can’t afford to pay for CMUD, and I have yet to find a free MUD client that has a mapper that reliably works on most MUDs.  Even CMUD’s automapper lets me down sometimes.

There has been a lot of discussion on Top MUD Sites forums about modernizing MUDs and so on, and a lot of that talk has revolved around graphical clients.  Personally, if I wanted to play a graphical game, and don’t get me wrong, I play plenty of graphical games, but if I want graphics, a MUD is not where I look for them.  I like my MUDs to be primarily text based.  I use MUSHclient most of the time, with no extra plugins, except, in cases such as Aardwolf, where these plugins are provided for me in a nice, convenient, easy to install package from the MUD operators.  If a MUD offers a nice browser based client that I like, I use it, but otherwise I connect with MUSHclient, mudlet, pUtty, or plain old telnet.  I don’t really want to play a MUD that doesn’t support the most basic telnet, even if I am using something a little better, like MUSHclient.  If I feel that I am put at a noticeable disadvantage on a MUD by not using a graphical client, I don’t want to play that MUD.

All that being said, offering something like the clickable map on Aardwolf is very appealing to me. If I were to make one suggestion to MUD operators, it would be to offer something like Aardwolf’s clickable map.  A simple plugin for MUSHclient, mudlet, or, even better, both, would go a long way.  There is a reason Aardwolf is consistently the number one ranked MUD on Top MUD Sites.  While their MUSHclient plugins are far from the only reason, I would put good money on this being a contributing factor.  I am not suggest that other MUDs copy Aardwolf to vie for that number one spot, but there’s certainly a lesson to be learned from their success.



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