Shattered Kingdoms

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Today I started a new character, a human paladin called Airag on a MUD called Shattered Kingdoms.  Shattered Kingdoms is a fantasy themed MUD with enforced roleplaying.  I have spent about three hours in game so far, and most of my time has been spent reading help files, which is pretty typical for me when I play a MUD.  I find that I can learn allot more about a MUD by reading it’s helpfiles than I usually learn in a mudschool.  My impressions of Shattered Kingdoms are positive thus far.

Character creation started out in a fairly typical manor, with choosing a race and class, but once this was done, I was walked through a series of questions, were I was presented with a scenario, and given two actions to choose from.  These choices, as far as I can tell, affected my starting attributes.  After character creation, I was asked to choose a starting city.  After consulting the helpfiles on their website, I choose to start in the kingdom of Taslamar, because it seemed a good fit for a good aligned paladin.

I was then placed in what could be called a mudschool, but it wasn’t the typical mudschool that walks you step by step through a series of tutorials on basic MUD commands.  Rather, it was a building full of rooms with trainers for various classes, shops, and sparring areas, which I was free to navigate as I saw fit.  I was quickly greeted by another player, who I believe to be a newbie helper, who was helpful and friendly.  He answered all of my OOC questions, gave me some equipment, and helped me with training.  I have trained up to level three so far, and I look forward to logging back on to continue my training.


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