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Shattered Kingdoms

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Today I started a new character, a human paladin called Airag on a MUD called Shattered Kingdoms.  Shattered Kingdoms is a fantasy themed MUD with enforced roleplaying.  I have spent about three hours in game so far, and most of my time has been spent reading help files, which is pretty typical for me when I play a MUD.  I find that I can learn allot more about a MUD by reading it’s helpfiles than I usually learn in a mudschool.  My impressions of Shattered Kingdoms are positive thus far.

Character creation started out in a fairly typical manor, with choosing a race and class, but once this was done, I was walked through a series of questions, were I was presented with a scenario, and given two actions to choose from.  These choices, as far as I can tell, affected my starting attributes.  After character creation, I was asked to choose a starting city.  After consulting the helpfiles on their website, I choose to start in the kingdom of Taslamar, because it seemed a good fit for a good aligned paladin.

I was then placed in what could be called a mudschool, but it wasn’t the typical mudschool that walks you step by step through a series of tutorials on basic MUD commands.  Rather, it was a building full of rooms with trainers for various classes, shops, and sparring areas, which I was free to navigate as I saw fit.  I was quickly greeted by another player, who I believe to be a newbie helper, who was helpful and friendly.  He answered all of my OOC questions, gave me some equipment, and helped me with training.  I have trained up to level three so far, and I look forward to logging back on to continue my training.


Sword & Pen Changes Name

Sword & Pen MUD now has a new name, a new website, and a new codebase. I have decided to branch Sword & Pen MUD off, with a stand-alone website. This frees me to write about a wider variety of subjects here on Sword & Pen blog. The new MUD, called Undeath MUD, is built on the Dawn of Time codebase. The website can be found at sites.google.com/site/undeathrpg/home.  To play, log on to

Undeath MUD is a roleplay enforced MUD with a dark fantasy theme.  At the moment, it is still using stock areas, but I plan on replacing all of them.  The story will revolve around a world racked by war, and a terrible curse, causing the once mighty civilization of Tullin to be overrun with demons and the walking dead.  Now, boats of refugees have fled east, to the wild and untamed wilderness on the great western isle of Evendye, to try to rebuild, and make a home for themselves here in this harsh and beautiful land, all while the threat of the death plagues and demon swarms yet looms, just over the sea.

I will probably be redoing the class and race selections available for starting players, and use a tiered class system, with 5 remort tiers, each unlocking more classes and races.  I need to figure out the quest system in this codebase, and see if I can build quests using the OLC.  I would like to make this a quest heavy MUD, as well as a MUD that uses lots of mudprogs.

Proposed Changes to Sword & Pen MUD

Creative Chinese Character Art

Creative Chinese Character Art (Photo credit: sinosplice)

The problem with area links on Sword & Pen MUD seems to be fixed.  Now I have to stop being lazy, and get to work on some new areas.  Also, while I have been testing out the MUD, I have been pondering some changes.  First, I would like to add a simple tier system to the MUD.  The way this would work is that all new characters would start at tier zero.  Any time after reaching level 91, a player may contact an Archon to retire their character.  When that player creates a new character, that character would be at tier one.  Any unspent quest points from their previous character would be transferred to the new character, and tier one characters would start the game with one extra training point.  If a tier one character is retired, a tier two character can be created, with two extra training points, and so on.  Retired characters would be moved to a special account, and the player would no longer have access to that character, except for special events.  The tier system could be used in conjunction with the remort system I already have in place to create characters that are both tiered and remorted.  See HELP REMORT in the MUD for more details on my remort system.

In addition to the tier system, I am also considering changing the lighting rules.  In most outdoor rooms, especially in populated areas where streets would be lit, time of day would no longer cause total room darkness.  In Sword & Pen MUD, there are four moons,  and plenty of moonlight, so darkness shouldn’t be a problem in outdoor areas, except perhaps on exceptionally cloudy nights.

I am also looking at hunger and thirst.  I feel that our current hunger and thirst messages are a bit spammy, and don’t really add anything to the game.  I am considering disabling hunger and thirst entirely, and making food and drink only for roleplaying purposes, and perhaps make it possible to create food and drink items that provide healing and other effects.

I would love to hear some thoughts about these proposed changes.  Leave a comment, and let me know what you think.