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My Name is J.S. Wilson, and I am a role-playing game enthusiast.  specifically, after years of playing various types of role-playing games, both electronic and table-top, I have come to have particular love of a type of game called MUD, which stands for Multi-User Dungeon.  MUDs are one of the earliest types of computer role-playing games.  They don’t rely on fancy graphics, but rather, are strictly text-based.  It allows for a type of gaming experience in which your own imagination can play the central role, much like the difference of reading a book instead of watching a movie.  I also have an interest in several other related topics, including other types of computer and table-top role-playing games.

My reason for writing this blog is to share my passion for MUD gaming, and introduce others to this wonderful hobby.  I look forward to connecting with fellow gamers, and sharing our passion for the hobby and lifestyle that is gaming.  This blog will document my experiences as both a player, and builder of games.

In upcoming posts, you can expect to find first hand accounts of various games I have encountered, and what I have learned from them, as well as details of the challenges I face and overcome when learning to play these games, and work on my own games.  I am going to be talking about the process I go through on my road from gaming enthusiast to game designer.

I would like to encourage you to leave your comments as you stop by and read Sword & Pen.  Even if you don’t always agree with me, I am always interested in different viewpoints, and would love to hear them, so long as we can keep our debate intelligent and respectful.  If you have something cool to point out, that you think I, or anyone else reading this blog would like to know about, I would love to hear those things as well.  I look forward to getting to know you, and reading your comments!